who we are

SBU and SMME Services

Digital Innovation & Transformation

The world is constantly changing – this means your business needs to constantly adapt and adot new, more efficent and effective ways of doing business and talking to your market. We help you do just this

  • Integrating CRM and other firm-specific systems
  • Customer Engagement Systems their management
  • Up-Skilling Staff to Fully Use the latest Platforms

Situational Analysis

Marketing is one thing. Planning for your market is another.

Internal Analysis & System Development :

  • Sales & Customer Analysis
  • Database Cleaning and Reconstructing
  • Unique and Cost Effective Systems and Processes Development

External Analysis :

  • Digital Footprint / Online Findability 
  • Competition & Customer Analysis
  • Due-Diligence Reports
  • Environmental Scanning
  • Risk Analysis

Strategic Positioning

We don’t believe in the shot-gun approach of blindly spending money hoping a customer will bite. And traditionally, gaining a focused understanding of what your company does and how your product fits into the market is expensive – and unattainable on a shoe-string budget. But not anymore. By using the latest online and offline techniques, we identify:

  • Internal Profit Centers
  • Desirable Growth Markets
  • Strategies that Integrate YOUR Companies Abilities with the Market’s Needs

And develop effective management strategies.

System Design & Integration

Being unique is what sets your business apart from the completion. The problem with ‘uniqueness’ is repeatability – Customers expect that same level of service, the value you offer EVERYTIME. Big business can spend money on developing software – but SMME’e and SBU’s don’t have the budgets. But the truth is… you don’t need to do it yourself! We help create:

  • Online Scheduling Systems that Integrate with Video Conferencing Platforms
  • Unique Repeatable and Reliable Costing Tools
  • Customer management systems that integrate with your company
  • Natural-embedded SEO maximization